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February 25, 2015


Caley Howell

After reading this blog post, I really thought hard about paragraphs not being indented in digital writing. I even searched a few articles online. Like you said, none of them were indented. I had never noticed this until I read this blog.
As a college student majoring in public relations, we have to take numerous classes that deal with writing. We learn all about AP Style, but never have I wondered why you don’t indent when writing for the web. I searched for articles that had indented paragraphs. I, too, found the articles that had indented paragraphs to appear “clumsy.”
After I read this blog, I learned a few things, but one thing resonated with me the most. I knew that press releases and news articles were written differently, but I didn’t think about something as small as an indention could make such a difference. Since learning how to write, teachers are preaching to kids to indent paragraphs. I believe that for many it’s just a habit that is hard to break.
I found it interesting that something as small as an indented paragraph can make a difference. I will be more aware of this in the future when I find myself writing for the web.

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