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December 22, 2014


Jo Beck

Thanks for the invite to your website. It looks great! I am with you 100 % on the Catholic church blog post. I am one of the millions who have left, never to return. I stuck it out for 50 years and figured that was long enough. I have another suggestion to add to your list of improvements: USHER TRAINING 101. Train ushers to be welcoming, not judgmental. Instead of saying, loudly, "Where the hell have you been?" or "Wow, haven't seen YOU in a while here at church!" it might be more constructive to simply smile and say "Welcome! We're glad you're here."

Jo Beck

I have more constructive criticism for the church. The names! They are tragic! In this age of positive vibes, these downer church names are no longer relevant. All around my neighborhood I see megachurches with cheery names like "Journey," "Destiny, "Jubilee," "City Lights" (I'm not making this shit up, Claire- they're right out of the phone book) and also "Rooftop Church" and "Grace of God."
Let's face it, who you gonna call when you need someone to talk to ? Mother of Martyrs, or one of these?

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