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July 08, 2014



I just read this, ha! http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2013/12/03/248515217/why-chaucer-said-ax-instead-of-ask-and-why-some-still-do

And, I hadn't heard of this specific acronym but I like it! Thanks, I might apply it when planning blog goals.


Really useful blog, succinctly put and breaks it all down to manageable steps - love it and thanks. Just one thing though, it's pretty difficult to take you seriously on your qualifications for language judge and communications professional when there are so many grammatical mistakes here ie: "I'm silenting making it right by whispering the correct word under my breath" and "an verb".


This is a great breakdown of terminology. One of the things I would add to your goal setting is to have two types of goals. Daily goals you can achieve to build your confidence and bring you one step closer to your end result. The second would be your BHAG or big hairy audacious goal. I talk about this information a bit in my 30 day branding challenge vlog. http://www.dscience.co/vlogging/branding-challenge-day-1-goal-setting

Claire Celsi

Thanks for your comments! Really great insights!

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