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May 02, 2011



These are wonderful alternatives, Claire! I also agree with your sentiment that building a media list and sending a press release should require a little more effort and research on the PR pro's side. Utilizing some of your alternatives is a great way to build better media relations and perhaps score more coverage.

PS. Love your addition to Will It Blend - I'd love to see him do that one :)

Khurrum Pervaiz

Interesting alternatives Claire!
Practicing PR from halfway across the globe i myself can also see huge relevance. Although meeting all the prospective journalist over coffee from my media list always seemed tedious but blending of info tweets and blog posts definitely boost media's interest and coverage.
Great post, looking to read more on the same lines. Cheers!


Effective tips, which really can differentiate the news stories we pitch thanks to the different approach with journalists. Thanks for the great post! :)

Steve Mullen

Good post. I blogged about it and added my own suggestions here: http://www.endgamepr.com/blog/2011/05/05/creative-uses-for-a-news-release/

Davina K. Brewer

Good list Claire. Only thing I'm not sure about is the pitching via Twitter. I see it recommended all the time, so I know it may work for some people but it's a mixed bag.

In my experience, journalists I follow use Twitter many different ways. Some are researching and promoting their work but many aren't; some accounts are just feeds of the paper, etc. And more than a few send a few tweets ranting against some 'PR flack' that did whatever it was that annoyed them. My biggest issue is that tweet pitches public and therefore loses the exclusivity so many reporters and editors want. That said, by all means use Twitter to build a relationship with reporters, @reply when the ask for help and if you are on good terms, perhaps DM them for a pitch idea to ask for email, etc. FWIW.

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