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March 29, 2011


Lucy Thorpe

Isn't it funny how hung up we have become about methods of communication - when communication itself is the key.
When I first switched from journalism to PR I pitched a travel writer about my client using a short e-mail containing a link to the client's website. Well, she absolutely roasted me! In public! On Twitter! As far as she was concerned I was a disgrace to PR and she felt sorry for my client. However, I still stand by the idea that a quick e-mail to establish interest is a fine way to operate. Some people want press releases, some people want twitter pitches and some want e-mails but surely the key is that we share interesting newsworthy material and create good stories for the public?

Deeksha Kapoor

I am a graduate student pursuing Master's in PR. It is so interesting to read this post since we students are constantly being 'educated' on the perfect ways of email pitching. It is such a nice idea to not only include the actual email that you received but to also highlight the good points of the pitch and why they make sense. Thanks for the wonderful post. I've gained a lot from this post and am sure to keep all your tips in mind before drafting any email pitch.


Deeksha Kapoor

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