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February 10, 2011


Danielle Kelly

Thank you very much for this blog post. I found it really interesting. Especially the fact about PRSA board members requiring their APR.

I am a 31 year old Canadian practitioner, and I just received my APR this December. Though it is not mandatory for Canadian Public Relations board members to have their APR's, it is strongly encouraged.

If there is a concern that "an old guard" is running the board, and younger professionals aren't getting board representation or recognition, shouldn't the APR program be promoted to younger professionals as a valuable designation to have?

I had a goal of taking the APR because to me, it is represented the highest level of dedication to my profession. Though I am the first of my colleagues to achieve this designation, they have been encouraged by my success.

There may be other people with a similar attitude who in the next few years will qualify for the APR and attempt to gain a board position and instigate a cultural shift from the inside out.

It will be interesting to watch over the coming years.

Claire Celsi

Danielle, I took the classes through my local chapter, which were valuable at the time, but soon after that, witnessed the sea change that is changing our profession forever. I don't think taking the APR would improve my overall knowledge of the field now, and it certainly would do nothing to to increase my knowledge about new media. Since in my consultancy about 75% of my business is new media, I decided that having the APR would take more time and effort than it was worth. Also, I think the APR has a name recognition problem, so few people outside the profession even know what it is. I've asked a few recruiters what they think, and they said they have never been asked to eliminate a candidate without their APR. Thanks for your comment.

Michael Libbie

Shhhh...Claire. You are exposing something here. It's called...follow the money. And that "new media thingy"? Never work. Never! Nice post...

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