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December 04, 2010


Marc Hollander

Great day - glad I could make it. As a now TWO time participant in #CIB, I'll go where ever it makes sense.

Note: Now I work in WDM ;)

Claire Celsi

Marc, it was so great to see your smiling face first thing in the morning! I'm so glad you could make it and I'm sure I'll be seeing you at CIB for years to come! :~)

Jon Thomp


I apologize for the "real cib" tweet. It was snarky and inappropriate, and I agree that it didn't serve the greater conversation.

My reference to the execution being poor is this:

My problem with the decision is that it felt unilateral by you on Tuesday. As a group that is not organized, all you can speak for is yourself, which I feel you failed to do. Instead, your tone was as an authority for the group. I re-tweeted it, thinking that there was actually some organization going on behind the scenes that resulted in this decision being made, then I learn that there are several people that are very unhappy with the decision, and planning on maintaining the PaneraU location.

As I have been very clear, I am all for a downtown CIB, as it is more convenient for me personally. However, I also realize that I wouldn't expect people like the good folks of Waukee and further west to drive downtown to a CIB, then to drive back for the beginning of their work day. I do realize the reverse is true as well- there are those that would go to a downtown, and never dream of going to PaneraU (like Sam Auen, who pedals into downtown from Cummings.)

I sat on the fence as to which I would attend until I came to the above conclusions, and the right thing for me to do is that I would do as I always have, and go to PaneraU on the first Friday of the month for #CIB.

Also, There seems to be a change in direction since this "one time" thing that you had said, in that several people planning on meeting at the downtown location next month. I fully expected that to occur. Now we seem to have a permanent fissure between the two locations, despite the fact that there are those, like myself, that are completely interested in attending both locations/events. I do realize that some of my comments cannot do anything but widen this fissure, which I am truly sorry for.

That's why I'm an advocate of meeting at PaneraU on the first Friday- keeping unity and location in the original concept, and expanding it by holding a second event on the third Friday downtown. I'll be there on the 17th. If anyone shows up, great! If they don't, I'll have breakfast and get some work done. In any rate, all I speak for is myself.

Doug Mitchell

Class of '90 RULES!

Claire Celsi

Doug, LOL. You are so young!

Brett Trout

As someone who has been blogging longer than anyone at #CIB, I took your suggestion to take Panera up on its offer to host #CIB as precisely what #CIB is all about. #CIB is not about rules or doing things just because that is the way we have always done them. It is about sharing, intelligent conversation, nice people and blogging.

I was not expecting #CIB to draw such a huge crowd of great people downtown. I know you just wanted to make the #CIB downtown a one time thing downtown, but on the heels of such a stunning success, you can not pull the plug. The first Friday date drew lots of great people. I would hate to let those people down next month.

In the spirit of #CIB, anyone can call a meeting of bloggers anywhere, any time. Since you are so good at it however, I'll stick with whatever date you pick for next month's #CIB. Congrats on taking a chance and knocking it out of the park for everyone involved. Nice job!

Claire Celsi

Hey Trout, thanks for the comment. The DT CIB experiment wasn't even my idea. But I agree, there was a great vibe and I even got some new business out of it. The highlight of the day was meeting @vegchefdsm, who rode his bike there. Thanks for stopping by on your way to work.

Suzanne Hull

I think we all take for granted how close things are in this town. I live in Pleasant Hill and can be anywhere - even Waukee - in 20 minutes. If we lived in a larger metropolitan area, these short commute times would not be possible and would make most networking opportunities/meetings virtually impossible. To complain about 10 minutes added to a commute is absurd...IMO

Claire Celsi

Suzanne, I agree. Except for those who have to be at work at 8, it's not a big deal.

Sincerely, Jenni

I am just a lowly secretary at the company I work for, and blogging is more of a hobby for me. I work at 7am, and coming to the CIB get-togethers would be more of a fun social thing for me, therefore I would be using my vacation time to attend.

However, is it possible to keep the Clive meetings on the first Friday of the month, and do downtown meeting on the second or third Friday of the month? That way, if some people wanted to do both, they could? That way, no one is feeling like the group is being separated.

And thank you for all you are doing to promote the CIB group. I've never been involved in it, but it sounds like a lot of fun and it is doing a lot to promote networking and social media in the Des Moines area.

Claire Celsi

Jenni: There is no such thing as a "lowly secretary!" I'm sure you are very valuable to your employer! I'm not in charge of deciding what happens with CIB. It sounds like a few people would like two events a month. I'm all for it if it would allow more people to attend. Keep track of the discussion here and on Twitter. I'm sure it will be interesting. Claire

Sandy Renshaw

Sorry to have missed the gathering at both locations this month. Wanted to attend both and got to neither.

I'm for having different Fridays scheduled so we can attend either/and. Personally, I'm glad to have a second spot and another date in case the first week doesn't work out. I'm in Beaverdale and can get to either Panera rather quickly. I might be one of those that attends the 3rd Friday downtown just to see...

Thanks for the post. It's fun to be able to add my 2 cents!

Claire Celsi

Sandy, bummed that you couldn't make it! See you next time for sure!

Julia in West Des Moines

I've attended a couple times, and I echo the last couple comments -- rotating locations or offering more than one gathering a month would work well for me. I'm really limited by having kids at a school without bussing, so location is really important to me.


Thanks Claire for putting together the downtown event. I live in Clive and while the Clive/WDM Panera is more convenient for me, I didn't mind heading downtown for the CIB event this month. I liked the change in scenery. Perhaps doing a West and a DT version (on different Fridays)... isn't a bad idea. If time allows, I'll try to hit both.

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