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April 25, 2010



Beautiful Claire! Only when we let go does it come back - and more beautifully than ever. I am sure your Sharon is the same gal I have told you about that I have helped. Never shared her name with you before, but I do have a Sharon I enjoy seeing. This winter myself and a number of people from my church have tried to help her whenever possible. Now, Ill know how to spot her from a distance - she'll be pulling a beautiful red bag!

Carol Ann

I love the admission of the "stupid white girl" telling Sharon no cigs or booze. I have had to bite my tongue so many times to stop from saying that same phrase when offering assistance to someone.

Jeff Angelo

Wow, Claire, this is one of those stories that comes along every once in a while that I really treasure.

I linked to it on our blog.

Thanks for sharing!

Josh Fleming

Claire, you're one of the few people who realize how fortunate you are everyday. A true smell the roses type of person. The little stuff I take for granted is also valued more after I read some of your posts.

Sandy Renshaw

What a thought-provoking story. Gives me goose-bumps. I love the idea of Sharon and your bag. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

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