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November 30, 2009



As a recent graduate, I can attest that all of these tips will be so valuable in the "real world."

Social media is a valuable asset, and our generation has been raised to use this technology. I make it a point try each new network (starting with Twitter a year ago and now Ning and GoogleWave). That way, I at least have an idea of how they work... and sometimes, I end up loving them (i.e. Twitter)!

I also strongly agree with Claire's thoughts in the last paragraph. The things you learn in class are the base, and following directions is necessary, but it's the initiative and creativity that make you stand above the rest!

Great advice!


Emilee, you are just the type of student I was thinking of when I talked about taking initiative. You've already made such a great difference at IRIS, and there's no one with a road map. You're drawing it as you go along!

Tom Flynn

Claire - you are right on with this. PR and social media are so closely related anymore that you've gotta have knowledge of how they all work together. A comment on your last paragraph ... many PR professionals just don't have enough experience with social media to know how to use it as a PR tool (not you, of course ... but others). That's a great opportunity for a younger person to become a valuable part of a company ... because older PR professionals that aren't using social media will be looking for younger people who "get it."

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